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30 Reasons to Swipe Left featured in the ‘look out for’ section in Sunday Mail column:

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When I was online dating, I felt people just wanted to have sex.” Jane tells @TVNaga01 & @AmyJIrons how she struggled to make meaningful connections while dating throughout the pandemic.

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“My Zoom date blasted me with a pre-made list of ‘interview’ questions… and then ranked me out of 10”

I was speaking to a guy on an app and he seemed charming and funny, so I suggested we do an in-app video call. That option felt safer, but he offered to send a Zoom link instead and I was happy to go with it. The subject heading read: “Jane and Sam: informal chat.”

I presumed it was a joke… until I joined. I was instantly blasted with an array of awkward interview-based questions like how many relationships have I had and why did they end, do I kiss on the first date and do I see myself having children? He seemed satisfied, nodding and repeating: “That’s very interesting Jane.” He bragged he has four Zoom dates a week and rates them out of 10, while proceeding to run through his long list of non-negotiables. It’s completely put me off virtual dating, I’m 35 and looking for a serious relationship. I feel like I’ve missed an entire year of finding ‘the one’, adding to biological clock pressures. After the date, a message appeared rating the date 8/10. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was delighted by my high score, but in the words of Simon Cowell, “It’s a no from me.”

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The Metro

"From vests to failed theory tests, these are the weirdest reasons why people have dumped someone"

An interview with Aidan Milan from the Metro

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The Sun

"NO 'APPY ENDING I’ve been on 50 Tinder dates – one bloke brought his dead cat along, another wanted to oil me all over… it’s hell"

Where we talk about some of the stories featured in the book.

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