30 Reasons to Swipe Left

Dating has gone digital. Technology has taken over and matching online is often the new norm. Fetishes, flatulence, funerals, panic attacks, cat-fishing and cheats are some of the encounters I experience through my dating journey.


About the Author

Jane Fulton is an emerging indie writer in her thirties from Glasgow. She started documenting her dating disasters in December 2018 in her own personal journal.

It was never Jane’s intention to write a book, it was more a collection of musings for her to reflect on when she was older.

However, she quickly realised she had heaps of humorous tales and thought it would be a fabulous way to reassure others in the dating game that they are not alone out there.

Jane has an Instagram page @swipeforeverafter which features all things dating and includes people’s funny date stories.

Jane is currently working on book two and can’t wait to share even more of her misadventures with you.

What people are saying...

So relatable if you’ve ever been online dating!!

Jennifer P

The Single Must Read of the Year


The funniest, honest and most addictive book!


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